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  • Auto Loans (Direct) - New and Used
  • Auto Loans (Indirect) - New and Used - View a list of our dealership partners below
  • Motorcycles - New and Used
  • Personal Watercraft - New and Used
  • Recreational Vehicles - New and Used

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  • Mortgage Loans - Residential (Download the Mortgage Shopping Toolkit from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)
  • Unimproved Property Loans
  • Investment Property Loans 

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Member SelectTM Auto Express

Member SelectTM Auto Express is a partnership lending program that offers you more convenience than ever. Now you can finance your auto loan through SCCU on-site right at the dealership. 

Member SelectTM Loan Pay Express

Member SelectTM Loan Pay Express (LPX) is an online system where you can set up automatic payments to your SCCU loan, from any financial institution, at any time. You can log in each month to make your payment manually or you can set it to occur automatically when you choose. The choice is yours! Click below to get started:
If you are unable to set up your automatic Loan Pay Express payment by yourself, you may fill out the forms below and SCCU will set up your payment for you. Instructions are included on the forms. Keep in mind that setting up LPX this way will take longer than if you use the link above.

List of Dealers

Scenic Community Credit Union offers on-site financing through Member SelectTM Auto Express at the following dealers:


SCCU's Skip Pay program is getting a makeover! Previously, members meeting the Skip Pay requirements have been able to skip one loan payment during the holiday season. Now, if you meet the requirements you will be able to skip TWO payments per year for only $30 per skipped payment.
How to Skip a Loan Payment*:
  • OPTION 1: You may visit any branch to apply to skip your payment.
  • OPTION 2: You may download and fill out the form below to apply to skip a loan payment. Mail it and a check for your fee amount to the address below. Be sure and read the Skip Pay agreement and terms carefully before you mail in the form. 
  • Please Note: Mailing in a Skip Pay form does not guarantee approval to skip a payment. You will be notified and your fees returned in the event you are not approved for Skip Pay. If loan is joint BOTH owners must sign the Skip Pay Application.
Mail to:
Scenic Community Credit Union
ATTN: Lending
PO Box 1058
Hixson, TN 37343
Keep in Mind...
Skipping a loan payment really means you defer to make that payment until the end of the loan -- this means extending the life of your loan. And while a skipped payment frees up cash, don't forget that interest will continue to accrue on your loan balance. If you are unsure about skipping a payment, download and read the form above, or ask a loan officer for more details.
*Restrictions apply. Not all loans are eligible for Skip Pay. Mailing in a Skip Pay form does not guarantee approval. Download above Skip Pay form or ask a loan officer for more details.

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Registered Employees:

Position Name Individual ID #
Chief Lending Officer Russell, Wayne 713091
Loan Officer Henderson, Tabitha 863317
Loan Officer Mickens, Shirley 941661
Loan Officer Hodges, Michelle 713097
Loan Officer Moates, Gayle 713094
Loan Officer Dray, Kristin 1423298
Loan Officer Otto, David 820908
CEO Foster, Kendall 713096