Whether you're a credit card pro or building your credit score up for the first time, SCCU has options for you. In addition to our basic credit cards, we also offer the Children's Hospital Card, which affords you convenient credit access while also giving back to the community. Check out our options:

Credit Cards

SCCU offers a few simple, no-nonsense credit cards to help you meet your credit needs.

Card APR
Visa Gold 12.00% APR
Visa Classic
12.50% APR
Visa Children's Hospital Card
see below - supports Children's Hospital at Erlanger
12.00% APR
$5,000 minimum line
All cards feature:

Children's Hospital Card

Believe credit card mockup.SCCU cares about kids, and we know you do too. As a proud sponsor of Credit Unions for Kids, we are excited to offer our members a unique way to help raise funds for Children's Hospital at Erlanger.  

SCCU's Children's Hospital Visa Credit Card is a no-annual-fee card that gives back a percentage of interest earned to the Children's Hospital at Erlanger. In the past, proceeds from the card have been used to help build the state-of-the-art Kennedy Outpatient Center, and will now go towards other hospital improvements. It's a win-win for SCCU members and for kids in our community. Ask us how you can apply today!

For more information, call (423) 875-6955.

Credit Card Statements & Payments

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