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6 Ways to Save as a Family


Meeting financial goals as a family can be challenging. But inspiring your family to help and contribute to a financial goal doesn’t have to be a painful process, especially when the result is an exciting family vacation, a new family car, or college savings. In the spirit of America Saves Week, here are 6 ideas on how to save as a family for all those items and bucket-list experiences.


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Affording Your First Apartment


Getting your first apartment is one of the big milestones in a young adult’s life. It can also be a little frightening since you don’t know exactly how much money you’ll need to get by. But if you follow these easy tips, getting and thriving in your apartment will be a breeze.

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4 Misconceptions About IRA Conversions

Some people think that high-income earners aren't eligible for a Roth IRA (individual retirement account). This is not true. There was an income cap for conversions in the past, but that was removed and now anyone can convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, regardless of income. 
Here are four other misconceptions about Roth IRA conversions.
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Saving Practices Made Easy


It's easy to postpone starting to save for a later day, but a solid plan is key to success. By following some basic guidelines, you're more likely to achieve financial security. 


5 Resolutions to Trim Spending in the New Year


With the new year approaching, now is the perfect time to make a resolution to save more money. These five tips will help you trim spending, beef up savings, and reduce stress.

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Build Credit Without Credit Cards


It's a frustrating contradiction: You can't qualify for credit without a credit history—and you can't build a credit history without borrowing. Here's how you can get around that conundrum and start building credit.