Here at SCCU, we are passionate about teaching good financial habits, from basic saving to credit building to investing for the first time.  We know that starting young is essential to building healthy finances.  That's why we offer resources where kids and teens can go to begin learning about how to manage their money.

Enter to Win $50! Youth Week is June 22-27

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It’s that time again! At Scenic Community Credit Union, our mission is to advance financial peace of mind in our community, no matter your age – so this year, we are asking members 18 and under to make their own “Money Magic” by saving from June 22 through 27.

Here’s how it works.

Members age 18 and under who do ONE of the following between June 22 and 27:

  • Open a new SCCU account OR
  • Make a deposit to an existing SCCU account

Will be rewarded with:

  • A small gift from SCCU, AND
  • An entry into a drawing for a $50 deposit from SCCU!
When you enter by making a deposit or opening a new account, make sure to fill out an entry form so we can contact you if you win. We'll have them available at each branch. At the time of publication, SCCU lobbies are closed due to coronavirus, but don’t worry – our drive thru lanes will be open even if our lobbies aren’t. If you’re planning to open a new account, fill out the application. We look forward to seeing you during Youth Week!

BONUS! Want to win a $20 VISA gift card? Print the Youth Week coloring page. Then color it, snap a pic, and tag us on Facebook or Instagram between June 22-27. We’ll draw a winner and feature submissions on our website and social media in July!

SCCU’s Youth Week savings contest is open to all SCCU members in good standing age 18 or under for the week of June 22-27, 2020. When a youth member makes a deposit to their SCCU account or opens a new account during this week AND fills out an entry form, they will be entered in the drawing for $50. There is a limit of one entry per day per account number. Additional deposits to account suffixes under the same account number will not qualify for more than one per-day entry. New account applications will be subject to membership requirements. Members may participate in the savings contest and the coloring page contest. Only one coloring page entry per member.

Resources for Kids

Click the image to download a coloring page:
Camera coloring page.

Play World of Cents

Teach kids the value of money by earning, saving, and spending in World of Cents - and practice basic math concepts at the same time. For ages 5 and up. Click below to play online or download on the App Store.


Three podcasts from the Credit Union National Association teach you, in 12 minutes or less, what your kids should be learning about money.

Kirby Kangaroo Club

Kirby Kangaroo Club logo.

Kirby Kangaroo makes it fun to learn about money! Kids can play games, read stories, and download coloring pages at SCCU's Kirby Kangaroo Club site.

Save for the Future

Saving and teaching your children to save is extremely important for your kids’ financial health (and for yours!). Opening a savings account for your child can teach them good financial habits and offer a cushion for later on. It may even be a good idea to open a Christmas Club for your child. That way they can save for something specific and see how their money grows when they deposit it at a credit union.

Resources for Teens & Young Adults

The pre-teen and teenage years are a critical life stage, especially when it comes to establishing good financial habits. As a teen or young adult, you may be ready to start handling your own money. This can involve opening a checking account, saving for a purchase like a first car, building credit, or getting student loans. SCCU can help make those intimidating processes run smoothly.

CheckRight logo.Play the CheckRight Game

Whether you are opening a checking account for the first time or you’ve had one in the past, this 10-15 minute course can help you understand how an account can benefit you, different options you may face, and how to deal with challenges along the way.

Make Your First Budget

Knowing how to set a budget is an important financial first step. Check out this free downloadable budget worksheet to get started. Parents, you could even use this as a practice activity by setting basic amounts for paycheck and spending categories - say, $1000 per month in salary, $200 a month in groceries, and so on.


Parents and teachers can download these workbooks for free and use them as is for your kids, or adapt them for the classroom.

Claim Your Youth logo.

Claim Your Youth

Learning to handle your own finances can seem daunting.  Luckily, we've got a place for you to teach yourself about the basics of budgeting, credit, investing, and more. Read our most recent youth newsletter!

Youth Accounts

Whether you're starting a savings account for a little one or looking for college money, here's some of what we have to offer our young members.

Checking & Savings

Don’t have your own account yet? Now is the perfect time to open one. We’re happy to walk you through how everything works – just come on into a branch, or start the process online.

Everyday Spend Card

Not ready for a checking account yet? No worries. An Everyday Spend Card gives you the ease of a pre-loaded gift card with the convenience of a debit. This card is not tied to any SCCU accounts, combining safety, flexibility, and an inexpensive payment method all into one card. It is also easy to manage: once you’ve received your card from the credit union, you can reload it yourself online.

Build Credit

In today’s world, it’s important to start building credit early. Applying for a Share Secured Loan or one of our low-rate credit cards can be a great way to establish good credit and learn to manage debt while the risks are still relatively low.

The Smart Option Student Loan by Sallie Mae

So you’re getting your higher education – congratulations! The stress about how to pay for it may be setting in, but don’t worry – we’ve got options for you. Plus, here's an easy guide to paying for college responsibly.

Financial Calculators

Wondering how much you need in an emergency savings fund? What about your (or your child’s) college savings plan? Reworking your home budget? We’ve got tools where you can crunch those numbers!