SCCU's Skip Pay program is getting a makeover! Previously, members meeting the Skip Pay requirements have been able to skip one loan payment during the holiday season. Now, if you meet the requirements you will be able to skip TWO payments per year for only $30 per skipped payment.

How to Skip a Loan Payment*:

  • OPTION 1: You may visit any branch to apply to skip your payment.
  • OPTION 2: You may download and fill out the form below to apply to skip a loan payment. Mail it and a check for your fee amount to the address below. Be sure and read the Skip Pay agreement and terms carefully before you mail in the form. 
  • Please Note: Mailing in a Skip Pay form does not guarantee approval to skip a payment. You will be notified and your fees returned in the event you are not approved for Skip Pay. If loan is joint BOTH owners must sign the Skip Pay Application.

Mail to:
Scenic Community Credit Union
ATTN: Lending
PO Box 1058
Hixson, TN 37343

Keep in Mind...
Skipping a loan payment really means you defer to make that payment until the end of the loan -- this means extending the life of your loan. And while a skipped payment frees up cash, don't forget that interest will continue to accrue on your loan balance. If you are unsure about skipping a payment, download and read the form above, or ask a loan officer for more details.

*Restrictions apply. Not all loans are eligible for Skip Pay. Mailing in a Skip Pay form does not guarantee approval. Download above Skip Pay form or ask a loan officer for more details.

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Registered Employees:

Position Name Individual ID #
Branch Manager Gomez, Michelle 611385
Branch Manager Buol, Blake 2367853
Branch Manager Jones, Heidi 1622406
Loan Officer Hodges, Michelle 713097
Loan Officer Moates, Gayle 713094
Financial Services Representative Pritchett, Jennifer 593723
CLO Selcer, Rodney 593712