Visa Debit Card

The SCCU Visa Debit Card opens up a whole new world of convenience for your Share Draft (checking) account. You can use this card to make purchases anywhere the VISA or STAR symbol is displayed. Need a debit card? Open a checking account online.
Using My Debit Card
When you swipe or insert your debit card, you may be asked to choose "credit" or "debit."
  • When you choose credit: the merchant may ask you to sign a sales receipt. The amount will normally be deducted at a later date from your share draft account just as if you had written a check.
  • When you choose debit: the merchant will ask you to key in your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the point of sale device. PIN transactions are normally deducted immediately from your share draft account. The debit option is usually required if you want to get cash back. 
Where Can I Use My Debit Card?
  • Anywhere the VISA or STAR symbol is displayed
  • At any CO-OP, CIRRUS, Star, Visa, or Plus ATMs. 
Be sure to memorize your new PIN for use at these ATM locations and do not write the PIN on your card. There is no fee to use any SCCU or CO-OP ATMs. We do charge a small fee when your card is used at any other ATMs. (See fee schedule.) Some institutions may assess additional fees. Check each location for posted information about charges that may affect you. To avoid fees when traveling, SCCU recommends that you go to or call 888-748-3266 or text 692 667 to locate one of over 25,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide.
Debit Card Usage Limits
Your SCCU Visa Debit Card may be used up to 12 times per day.

When you choose the credit option, you may use the available balances in your Share Draft and Prime Share accounts up to $5,000 per day. If you have been approved for an Overdraft Protection loan, that line of credit is also available to you when choosing the credit option.

If you choose the debit option, the daily limit is $509.00, with Sunday and the following Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) being counted as one day.

Please be aware that if transactions are presented for payment and you do not have available funds, your card may be "blocked" for future transactions.
Feel free to give us a call at (423) 875-6955 or send us a message if you have any questions or concerns about using your debit card.

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Know what’s going on with your debit card!  Signing up for Card Alerts sends you an email or text notification whenever your card is used.  You can set up custom alerts, too.  Want to know when your card is used for a purchase over $100?  Want a record of your online debit card purchases?  Sign up below to set up all that and more.
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