Invest today with a 9 month Share Certificate


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In a world where financial stability and future security are paramount, the decision to invest wisely can be a game-changer. At Scenic Community Credit Union, we believe in the power of the future and the value of prudent investments. With our 9-month share certificate, you have the opportunity to follow the age-old wisdom: "Invest Today, Harvest Tomorrow's Rewards."


The Benefits of a 9-Month Share Certificate

Our 9-month share certificate is designed to align perfectly with this philosophy, offering a balance between short-term accessibility and long-term growth potential. Here's why it's a smart choice:

  • Competitive APY: When you invest in our share certificate, you enjoy a highly competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 5.15%, ensuring that your money works hard for you.

  • Balanced Term: The 9-month term provides you with flexibility and accessibility to your funds relatively soon while still enjoying the benefits of a longer-term investment.

  • Security: As a member of Scenic Community Credit Union, your investment is protected, offering you peace of mind as your finances grow securely.

How to Get Started:

Investing in a 9-month share certificate is simple and can be done in a few steps:

  1. Become a Member: If you're not already a member, join Scenic Community Credit Union to access our investment options. Check our member eligibility here.

  2. Open Your Share Certificate: Once you're ready, open your 9-month share certificate account and watch your investment begin to grow.

  3. Need Some Assistance? Call our Member Service Team to discuss your financial goals and risk tolerance.
The Path to Financial Security:

By embracing the philosophy of "Invest Today, Harvest Tomorrow's Rewards" and choosing our 9-month share certificate, you're on the path to securing your financial future. Expect steady growth over the 9-month term, peace of mind knowing your money is protected, and the flexibility to access your funds when needed.

At Scenic Community Credit Union, we believe in helping our members secure their financial future. With our 9-month share certificate and the guiding philosophy of "Invest Today, Harvest Tomorrow's Rewards," you're taking a significant step toward financial security and prosperity. Start your journey with us today, and let's reap the rewards of tomorrow together. Your future self will thank you.