Visa Gift CardNo matter the gown, we're here to help you celebrate with a VISA gift card.

If it’s worth celebrating, gift cards are truly the perfect gift, offering the most convenience both for you and your recipient alike.  They are especially popular during the holidays, but SCCU offers Visa Gift Cards year round.  Grab a few for family, neighbors, employees, and friends to celebrate or say a quick “thanks for all you do!” 

Fees and Loading Info
  • $5.00 initial purchase fee
  • Minimum load of $10 and a maximum load of $1000
  • $5.00 monthly service fee after 12 months of non-use
  • Transaction fees are found on the back of the card carrier or click here to see transaction fees.
More About My Gift Card
  • Instantly issued from SCCU
  • No activation required by member
  • Not re-loadable
  • Disposable
  • 7-year expiration date on cards
  • Visa signature purchases only - no PIN access
  • Cards should not be used at hotels or car reservation facilities or pay at the pump
  • Cards can be used inside a gas station
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